Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gastroparesis is not that uncommon

Gastroparesis is a common stomach disease.  Diagnosis often takes years or even decades due to the lack of awareness and is incurable at this time.  Current estimates are 1 out of 15 people in the US are affected by Gastroparesis.  So why is that so many people have this condition and yet doctors really don't knows how to treat it?  Some of my medical books and even WebMD has no information on this disease.  The majority of my information I have received is from the internet, not from my doctors.  Comparing symptoms, diets, what others have experienced, etc.  Not knowing what to expect or how to deal with day to day symptoms is extremely nerve racking.  Feeling bloated, full after a couple of bites, extreme stomach pain, back pain, pain under my right rib cage, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite.    I can not imagine things being worse for me.  I can not imagine how others may have more severe symptoms.  That is so scary for me.  So what is in store for my future?  Will things get worse?  Will things get better?   Only my future holds this answer and to be honest I don't want any part of this! I miss my ole self.  I just don't want to loose my hope and spirit.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

With Gastroparesis there is always a scare of foods not being digested or in the stomach too long.  Undigested food can cause bacteria to grow.  I was told I couldn't eat any type of skin on fruits and vegetables.  Imagine, no potato skins, green beans, broccoli, corn, grains, lettuce, etc.  Limit myself on dairy products, fatty or fried foods and meats.  Limit myself on fiber.  So what do I eat?  Its not like I can stop eating.  Its almost like a guessing game.  If I eat this, will I hurt?  What about this? What about that?  I miss food. Being able to eat and not hurt or worry how long it will stay in my stomach before I completely digest it.  There are many times I just take a chance on foods.  Things that I miss and would love to experience the wonder taste.  Sounds silly doesn't it?  I recently decided to eat fried cat fish for dinner.  Finished up around 7pm.  It was good, until 2:30 am when I woke up with my mouth full of saliva and had to run to the bathroom to vomit.  It was then that I realized the food I consumed over 7 1/2 hours ago was not digested.  Sad to think, what used to be a pleasure eating food is now my worse enemy.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Diagnoses

May 2012 my life changed.  For the past 2 years I have prayed for an answer as to why my stomach hurts, major back pain, extreme nausea, sometimes vomiting, weight loss, stomach spasms, hurting each and every time I ate and major pressure of fullness.  I finally got my prayers answered.  Although it wasn't the answer I wanted to hear.  I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis.  Its a stomach disease with no cure.  Currently I am taking a medication that is not FDA approved, Domperidone.  It helps with the nausea and stomach spasms but doesn't help with the pain and discomfort.  Gastroparesis... huh... doesn't sound too terribly bad... wrong!  Think about this... it feels as if you have a stomach flu... for the rest of your life!  Doesn't sound appealing does it.  Every day is different.  There is no way to get used to it.  One day your okay... the next, you wish you didn't even wake up.  I often wonder why me?  Why did I get this rare stomach disease?  What did I ever do to deserve this? I decided to do this blog to perhaps help others understand what every day life is living with Gastroparesis, perhaps to help build awareness to others or perhaps help someone who is dealing with the same condition.