Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gastroparesis is not that uncommon

Gastroparesis is a common stomach disease.  Diagnosis often takes years or even decades due to the lack of awareness and is incurable at this time.  Current estimates are 1 out of 15 people in the US are affected by Gastroparesis.  So why is that so many people have this condition and yet doctors really don't knows how to treat it?  Some of my medical books and even WebMD has no information on this disease.  The majority of my information I have received is from the internet, not from my doctors.  Comparing symptoms, diets, what others have experienced, etc.  Not knowing what to expect or how to deal with day to day symptoms is extremely nerve racking.  Feeling bloated, full after a couple of bites, extreme stomach pain, back pain, pain under my right rib cage, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite.    I can not imagine things being worse for me.  I can not imagine how others may have more severe symptoms.  That is so scary for me.  So what is in store for my future?  Will things get worse?  Will things get better?   Only my future holds this answer and to be honest I don't want any part of this! I miss my ole self.  I just don't want to loose my hope and spirit.