Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am normally a positive individual.  However after my doctors appointment, I stand corrected.  I don't see anything positive in my future with Gastroparesis.  I never expected a cure.  I never expected medications to cover things up completely.  I hardly ever get encouraging words from my doctor.  Sometimes it makes me wonder if he has the knowledge to help me.  Have you ever had questions the next day after doctors appointments?  I do and lots of them.  

I informed my doctor that my symptoms haven't changed for the better.  Even though I have not lost anymore weight, which is a blessing, I am still having many problems.  Vomiting have become more violent to the point to where I almost pass out due to lack of oxygen, heart rate increase and dizziness.  Nausea no longer is controlled with Zofran.  Constipation is not better no matter what I do to try to relieve myself.  Enemas only make matters worse for me.  According to my doctor when I give myself an enema, my rectal area expands, colon becomes more impacted and it builds up pressure making me vomit violently.  My doctor told me to stop using enema treatments and gave me samples of Linzess to help with my IBS and constipation.  I have been taken it for a few days now and still haven't had any results.  I constantly have pain and bloating.

My doctor told me that it seems like my body has gotten used to the 20 mg of Domperidone.  He indicated there are no other medications that he recommends for Gastroparesis.  He basically gave me the option to stop taking Domperidone and see how my stomach reacts not having medication or continue using the medication.  Which completely concerns me!  One of the main concerns with Gastroparesis is having bacterial infection due to overgrowth in undigested food.  Wouldn't you think that there is something that the doctor could do to help prevent that from happening?  Should I just stop eating all together?  Do I continue taking Domperidone ?  Is taking Domperidone better than nothing? Do I want to stop taking any medications and take a chance and pray I don't end up in the ER?

He indicated the stomach stimulator was no longer an option.  MUSC in Jacksonville Florida no longer does the surgery due to no positive results from pervious patients.  Great!  What's even more wonderful is having your doctor tell you there is nothing else that he could do to help.  I feel like a complete failure.  I don't even know my body anymore.  I don't see anything positive from any of it.  As depression sinks in I ask, what do I do now?