Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Today I had my follow up visit with my new gastrologist to discuss recent test results, symptoms and what to do next.  About a month ago I had an electrogastrogram, endoscopy and colonoscopy.  The results on the electrogastrogram indicated that I could only consume 250cc of water before feeling full.  The average individual could consume around 650cc. Therefore, when I consume food or liquid my stomach does not expand.  However, my stomach rhythm is completely normal. No need for a stomach stimulator!!   Woohoo! Results for my endoscopy showed erosion in my stomach, which doesn't surprise me due to my acid reflux and discomfort.  Colonoscopy came back normal.  No narrowing as predicted with previous CT scan. Thank goodness!!!!

We discussed my symptoms to try to figure out what the next steps would be.  I lost another 3 pounds from last month.  I am now 115 lbs.  I knew I had lost a few pounds when I noticed my fairly new clothes being a little loose.  I'm tired of loosing weight. That's something you don't hear a female say often.  My doctor prescribed me an acid reducer and suggested I use citracal.  He mentioned it might take several months of constant consumption before I get regulated. 

Since a colonoscopy procedure doesn't reach the small intestines, he is recommending me to have a small intestinal bacterial test.  Basically its a test that involves drinking sugar water and blowing into a tube periodically for 2 hours to determine if there is a bacterial overgrowth.  He indicated the symptoms for a small intestinal bacteria would cause extreme bloating, discomfort, nausea and malnutrition. With that said it just means yet another trip out of state in the near future.  I am extremely thankful that my new doctor isn't just giving up on me like my previous gastrologist did.  He is looking at every little detail to make sure we are not overlooking anything. 

Almost a month ago I saw a pain specialist due an area in my abdominal area progressively worsening over a period of time.  I am thinking its more of a pinched nerve around scar tissue from when I had my gallbladder surgery back in 2010.  The pain specialist gave me 6 shots of steroids in my abdominal area.  It didn't help at all.  As a matter of fact, after having steroids shots, I was in extreme pain for 2 days.  Tomorrow I am seeing the pain specialist again for a procedure called a nerve block. Basically its a procedure where he will insert two needles on each side of my spine, he will try to localize my pain and determine the cause.  He indicated it should also reduce my pain and nausea.  I know I will be sedated but I am still concerned on how things will go and results.  We shall see.  I am leaving it to our Lord, guiding me in every way. Until then I will let everyone know on the nerve block results soon. 

I would personally thank you all who reads my blog.  I do hope it will help you gain knowledge and understanding.  At this time I am requesting some prayers and hope good and positive results.   ;-)