Sunday, September 7, 2014

The latest news.....

We put so much trust in our doctors.  What medications to take, tests, blood work results, what we should eat, what to avoid to eat, if I should have this procedure or not, the list goes on and on.  I know I have questioned them in the past, should I get a second opinion, will this medication counteract with other medications that  I'm currently taking, etc.  Recently I had a little scare.  My Endocrinologist prescribed me potassium medication Klor-Con 20 MEQ twice a day. I trusted my doctor and started taking the medications right away.  About three weeks later, I returned to her office for thyroid blood work and inquired how low my potassium was from my last visit.  Nurses looked, asked questions, indicated that they had no record of ever testing my potassium and wanted to speak to my Endocrinologist and would call me back.  I can't tell you how much that scared me.  I had been taking the potassium pills for over 3 weeks and only had a week left.  I called my doctors office every day for a week.  Finally someone called me back and informed me that my information had gotten lost but was found.  My potassium level was only a 3.0. Normal range for potassium is anywhere between  3.5-5.0.  So I wasn't that bad off to begin with.  Needless to say they tested my potassium levels by using the blood drawn for my thyroid test.  Thankfully, the results were back to normal.  However, my blood results for my thyroid was a different story.  Yet again medications were changed.  Over the past 18 years I have yet to have normal thyroid levels.

For about a month now I have been having some difficulties swallowing food and medication.  I emailed my gastroenterologist because I was curious to know if it had anything to do with my Acute Esphagitis.  He indicated we should do another EGD, offer botox and balloon dilatation of the pylorus again.  They also suggested that I should have a PH study and manometry to evaluate the esophagus further but I decided to wait on that test.  He believes that the botox I received  in May 2014 may be wearing off.  I am scheduled to return on September 11th for another EGD with botox and balloon.  I am curious to know if my esophagitis and hernia has gotten worse.  Pain is slowly returning.  Very thankful the procedure is coming up next week.  I am hoping the pain will disappear again and my acid reflux will calm down. 

For the past couple of months I have developed a new symptom.  I have been having massive sharp pain deep within my ear.  I have seen a regular family doctor about it several times.  There is no infection and refers me to see an ENT.  The ENT Dr. checked my ear, by sight it seems like nothing is wrong with it.  He mentioned possible TMJ but after I told him I have had TMJ for 17yrs now and the pain feels nothing like TMJ.  He then wanted to put a scope up through my nose to look at the back of my throat.  To our surprise he found a cyst on the back of my tongue.  He ordered a CT scan  with contrast in two weeks.  Seems harmless right?  After reading the doctors orders and doing some research, I started to panic.  Doctors notes:  Attention right neck, right tongue base, naspharynx.  I know we can't believe everything we read on the internet but having a cyst on base of tongue and naspharynx mentioned, indicates possible cancer.  I am hoping and praying all results are negative!!  The other day while pondering all my health problems, I realized I need to discuss the findings of the cyst to my rheumatologist.  When I was tested positive for ANA (Anti-nuclear Antibodies - which basically means my body is fighting against itself, seeing the good cells as bad and killing off the good cells) my doctor informed me that if I develop mouth sores and/or rash I needed to inform her immediately.  Well I would consider the cyst as a sore, wouldn't you?  If she agrees, she will diagnose me having lupus.  In my opinion, I would much rather have another disease than to have cancer.  Time to change the subject before I start crying again. 
As a lot of you already know, I have a total of 5 diseases and 5 other health conditions but have you ever thought of how many medications I have to take on a daily basis?  It just might surprise you.  Listed below are the medications I take daily, dosages etc.
Protonix - 40 mg twice a day for acid reflux
Carafate - 10 ml four times a day treatment for stomach ulcer, stomach & esophagus inflammation
Bentyl - 10 mg four times a day for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Zofran - 8mg as needed for nausea
Flexeril - 10 mg twice a day or as needed for leg pain, muscle relaxer
Levothyroxine- 75 mg daily - Thyroid
Ativan - .5mg daily for nausea
Linzess - 290 mg daily relief for constipation
Hyoscyamine - .125mg as needed for pyloric spasms
Hydrocortisone (Cortef) 10 mg in the morning and 5 mg at night.  If I go into an adrenal crisis I have to take more to help my body with stress. I take this to stay alive. 
Aambien - 10 mg at night for insomnia
Syringe and injectable Solu-Cortef - for emergencies only
Within the next two weeks I will have had 2 major procedures.  I can only hope and pray they return as negative results.  Until then please say a prayer for me.  May God continue to bless you and your loved ones.