Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Needing hope

I haven't been doing my blog lately due to health issues. I've been in and out of doctor visits. I saw my family doctor about a month ago due to major back pain and nausea. No tests were done, basically told me it was either my Gastroparesis or a muscle strain and was given pain medications. A week later I go into Urgent Care because the pain medication weren't helping. Pain increased and constipation began. A urine sample showed blood in my urine and a bacterial infection. Was put on Cipro and Lortab. A week later I went back to Urgent Care with fever, chills, body aches, constipation, nausea, vomiting etc., flu like symptoms. I've never felt that terrible before. Dr at Urgent Care told me I just had a virus. They gave me an IV with fluids and showed me the door. Needless to say the majority of my symptoms have gone away. However my body tells me something different. I am still extremely constipated and nothing seems to be working. I spoke to a nurse at my gastro doctor, she asked if I was placed on probiotics when I was put on Cipro. No, of course not. Well due to the bacterial medication, it killed not only the bad bacteria but my good bacteria. Killing off the good bacteria wasn't a good thing for me. It weakened my immune system even more making me susceptible to viruses etc. which was the reason why I had flu like symptoms. Now I have to rebuild my good bacteria and get myself back on track. Well that's what I'm hoping for anyway. You see, because of my Gastroparesis and having a bacterial infection could cause death. Very scary but didn't realize how serious things really were. I have been taking over the counter medications to help regulate my body. So far I haven't seen any improvements. If things don't soon change I see another dr visit in my future. My abdominal pain and nausea is getting worse every day. Most days Zofran doesn't help. I can only hope and pray for some relief soon. With that said, say a little prayer for me.