Thursday, January 24, 2013

This afternoon I realized why I was so nervous this week about my doctors appointment with my Gastrologist.  It's the pure fact that reality slaps me in the face each and every time.  Reality always sets in when talking one on one with my doctor.  Needless to say each time I go I receive bad news.  I can truly understand why individuals get depressed with this stomach disease. 
For the past year I have been taking a medication called Domperidone 10mg 4 times a day equaling out to 40mg a day.  My symptoms have worsened.  Now I have to increase my medication to 20mg 4 times a day equaling out to 80mg a day. Somewhat scary considering the medication is not FDA approved. 
He also mentioned, if I qualify, he wants to send me to the MAYO Clinic in Jacksonville Florida for a gastro electronic stimulator.  Its basically a device to help stimulate my stomach to actually work.  It is basically a stomach pacemaker.  To be honest with you, that's scares me to no end.  I was hoping I wouldn't get to the point where I would have some foreign object attached to me.  
I left the doctors office in tears again.  Things are slowly getting worse for me but I am determine to continue fighting.  I have to!  Not only for me but my children and loved ones. 
Tomorrow I am seeing a nutritionist for the first time.  I am hoping she will help me with my fatigue and nutrition intake.   I can only pray for a miracle now.